1.5hr Jedi Knight Party Character Visit

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Jedi Knight attends your party for 1.5hrs.

- official padowan coronation ceremony
- Jedi Training with light sabers for kids to use
- Autographed photos
- cake ceremony

Brittany's School Affiliations

* Parent at Explorer Elementary School
* Family at Horizon Prep
* Family at Del Mar Heights Elementary School

Delivery Information

Royal Entertainers will contact you within 24-48hrs to confirm party details. To arrange dates/times, please call 619-654-9321 or www.royalentertainers.com

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Reviewed on Wizard by Patti McCreary on 09/10/2014
Merlin made our party magical ;) He was so friendly and fun with the kids! His magic tricks were top notch and everyone was impressed. It was really special that he took the time to show my kids a trick that they still enjoy showing off.

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