Buddhalicious Shea Body Lotion

About this Item

95% natural and 70% organic. Paraben free and made with organic aloe vera, shea butter, organic jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, organic green tea, and more. Adorned with a crystal on the Buddha's forehead. Each scent has an uplifting quote. No artificial colorants.

Scents available include:
Energy - rosemary mint,
Enlightenment - amber, incense & patchouli
Harmony - rosemary lavender
Peace - pomegranate tangerine
Tranquility - green tea lemongrass
Vigor - yuzu grapefruit

Also available in: lavender, lilac, mango, vanilla, wild rose and fragrance free

Please indicate your preferred fragrance in your order.

Jean's School Affiliations

* Parent at Explorer Elementary School

Delivery Information

Items can be delivered to school. For deliveries outside of school please consult me. Please specify preferred fragrance with your order.

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