Sing 'n Speak Spanish

Julia Burnier

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About Julia

I am the creator and director of the Sing 'n Speak Spanish program with 22 excellent teachers teaching at about 50 San Diego schools. 619-223-2508

School Affiliations

* ASE Provider at Bird Rock Elementary School
* ASE Provider at La Jolla Elementary School


In 1997, Julia Burnier made a decision to leave her career as a research chemist and focus her energy and creativity into developing a program for elementary curriculum (About the Author). She felt that too many Spanish students were not learning much and not liking it. She wanted to develop a program that works. Now, she and her teachers teach over 1500 students in San Diego with both after school and in school instruction (Spanish Classes in San Diego) and hundreds of Spanish teachers around the country are using the Sing ‘n Speak Spanish curriculum.

Sing’ n Speak Spanish is an extensive five-year program that takes elementary aged children far beyond most elementary Spanish curricula. View our Spanish Curriculum to see the themes taught in each course.

Our PROGRAM PHILOSOPHY stems from one simple idea: children love learning a new language if they succeed at it.