Pachis, An Art Studio for Kids

Juliana Flores

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About Juliana

I am a mother, an artist and the creator of Pachis, An Art Studio For Kids in Liberty Station, Point Loma.


Pachis, An Art Studio For Kids grew out of my passion for art and as a mother, my commitment to children, parents and creating a meaningful connecting to my community.

Pachis is a program that uses art as a medium for children to develop a greater sense of self and the world around them.

My goal is to encourage children to think outside the "art box" and introduces them to new ways to make and experience art. The program encourages self-expression, builds self-esteem, and cultivates outstanding, creative individuals.

I offer Art classes for kids based on an original art curriculum designed by me. Art Camps are offered every school break except for winter. I also host private events, birthday parties, Girl Scout troops and private groups.