Holistic Atelier - SD

Elsa Beatriz

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About Elsa

Hi, my name is Elsa. I'm an artist with degrees in both Architecture and Fine Arts from Rhode Island School of Design. I have been involved in arts since I was a kid and I have created lots of art pieces, from burlap sculptures to 3,500 square feet homes in San Diego. I have a mission: to help people bring out their artistic talents.

School Affiliations

* Friend at La Jolla Elementary School
* Friend at Bird Rock Elementary School


Holistic Atelier - SD is a different kind of art studio. Our studio is an open, free spirit and unstructured space where people of all ages come to experience art via different materials.

As a child growing up in a home with no artistic approval or support, I had to work hard to be able to create: from "borrowing" color markers from my brother who was studying architecture, to stealing the shower bath soaps to be able to carve animals and faces. I had to improvise because there was no other way to get the materials I needed to make stuff.

Today I want to support artistic people by giving them the opportunity to explore. My dream is to offer to the public a space free of limitations where individuals of all ages, colors and backgrounds can come to experiment with different materials and awaken their muse.

My studio is open to all those special people who want to open up their sensitive side and let their muse shine.

My doors are also open for art therapy sessions, workshops and other private events.