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Is there any type of art you would love to try but can't do it at home because it is too messy? Is there any art technique you would like to try without having to invest the money on all the materials and tools? Like for example, have you ever played with ceramic clay? You would love the feeling of playing with mud. It is so much fun and messy!

Come to explore and experiment art with us. The best part is: you don't have to clean up! You will love the experience, I guarantee it! If you want a specific night, email us at holisticatelier-sd@att.net so we can arrange that special night for you. If you choose Fridays, the event will start at 9pm. Cost: $45 per person. You bring whatever you want to eat and drink.

ASE Session

Fall 2017

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* Friend at La Jolla Elementary School
* Friend at Bird Rock Elementary School

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