About Us

Courtney Gant is CEO and Co-founder

Skooltopia was inspired by Courtney’s personal experience as a mother wanting to get back into the workplace on her own terms and as a parent frustrated by the current budget crisis effecting our public school system. Courtney’s background includes over 15 years in Europe where she worked in sales and marketing management for Pearson Education and also event management and corporate hospitality for events such at the 2001 Olympic Winter Games. In 2001 Courtney moved to New York City with her husband to focus on family. Currently residing in San Diego, Courtney is dedicated to her family, an involved parent at her children's school and an active member of her community.

Patti McCreary is CTO and Co-founder

Patti is a veteran developer of 15 years and one of a rare breed of expert women in technology. Patti is a busy mother of three who makes the whole work/life balance thing seem easy.

Our Core Beliefs

• The power of community • Doing work that inspires you • Solving real problems with creative solutions • Giving our children the tools they need to succeed • Setting an example for our children in everything we do • Giving back • Making the world a better place • Work / life balance - whatever that means... • Having it all and enjoying the chaos that comes with it