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Hi! I started Beach Bums Diaper Service so I could share my passion for living an eco-conscious lifestyle and as a means to have a flexible schedule so I could be a full time mama too. My daughter has been my sidekick for the past 4 years and is now starting Kindergarten at Explorer. My husband is also a teacher at High Tech Middle North County.

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* Parent at Explorer Elementary School


After a year as a stay at home, cloth diapering mama I was in search of a job that would allow me to continue to be a full time mom. San Diego was in need of an all organic and completely eco-friendly cloth diaper service. Beach Bums was born!

My daughter, Marley (Kindergartener at Explorer), has been my sidekick for the past 4 years as Beach Bums has grown! She can show you all the cloth diaper folds, tell you why disposables are bad and hang fold and pack a bag of diapers for delivery!

I love my business because I get to meet expecting parents and give them the information and tools to help them make a great decision for their baby and the environment. I get to meet soooo many cute, fluffy-butt babies and I get to teach my daughter that the decisions you make on a daily basis make a difference to your health, the health of others and the health of our planet.

Beach Bums provides organic cloth diapers and wipes while using the most eco-friendly washing methods available. This includes energy efficient and water conserving washing methods, biodegradable phosphate free detergents and chlorine free bleach alternatives. We dry diapers in the sun, which is a natural whitener and saves precious energy.

We recently added compostable diaper service! This is a single use diaper option that is equal to cloth in it's minimal environmental impact and chemical exposure for babies. These diapers look and feel like a regular disposable diaper, but they are made with plant based plastics and absorbers! No harsh chemicals. Beach Bums delivers them to your door, then we pick them up and feed them to our worm employees!! Yup, worms! We use vermiculture to break down the diapers into a nutrient rich soil amendment in about 90 days.

I love sharing all that my company has to offer with San Diego families! I love educating parents about making the choice to go cloth. And I LOVE that I have been able to do something I love while being full time mom to Marley!