Little Red Hen (Hardcover w// Story CD)

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A beautifully designed book published by the independent publishing company Barefoot Books. The engaging illustrations and rich text help keep children entertained, and the CD allows them to listen and read independently!

The lazy rooster and the mischievous mouse can’t be bothered to help the little red hen
tend her ear of wheat. They can’t be bothered to help her take it to the miller either,
or bake it into bread. But when her loaf of warm, fragrant bread is ready, the little
red hen is not at all inclined to share it with them. The rooster and the mouse soon
mend their ways! This lively version of the classic tale is given contemporary treatment
with dynamic, textured illustrations which consist of collage hung from wires then
photographed by artist Kate Slater.

Ages 3 to 7 years
Written By: Mary Finch

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