Cori-ography Dance: The Art of Partner Dancing

Corina Presutti

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About Corina

My name is Cori and I am the proud owner of Cori-ography Dance and Cori and the Music. As a teacher, dancer, artist and human, I am passionate about sharing the benefits of dance and music and my greatest joy is when I see someone who has just been touched by the power of non-verbal communication! In addition to running my dance instruction and music performance company, I teach music enrichment programs with many San Diego Unified Schools.

School Affiliations

* Friend at Grant K-8 School
* Friend at School Of The Madeleine
* Friend at Explorer Elementary School


As a couple, how often do you get to share a hobby that just involves being focused on tuning into one another? And as an individual, do you know how empowering it is to feel connected to another person and able to communicate a movement you want without ever opening your mouth? Come find out with me at Cori-ography!
Corina “Cori” Presutti is the owner of Cori-ography and Cori and the Music. As an accomplished singer/songwriter at a young age after having studied piano and music her whole life, she entered the world of dance during college while studying at the University of Buenos Aires. Her independent research project on the Argentine Tango catapulted her into a career in professional ballroom dance after graduating. In her career she has studied, performed and instructed on both coasts and in South America including opening for the Dancing with the Stars Tour in 2008. Her company, Cori-ography, is the leader in the instruction of the art of following and leading and the use of energy in partner dance in San Diego. Her classes focus on this most important skill set in nonverbal communication while providing instruction in over 12 styles of Latin and Ballroom Dance including Salsa, Argentine Tango, and Latin Club dances as well as major American styles. If you dance it with a partner, she most likely teaches it. The company additionally specializes in choreography for wedding couples and quinceañera groups and offers group classes and private lessons for all ages and levels. Cori is a great believer in delivering the benefits of partner dance to couples and individuals. These benefits include increased confidence and awareness of self, improved communication skills and the feeling of teamwork and connection to another person. The goal of every lesson at Cori-ography is not just to know what you to do with your feet but to ensure every student leaves with a better understanding of how to really dance.