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Cori-ography: The Art of Partner Dancing

The most popular package! This product is great for just getting started and beginning to add this new hobby to your lives!

This package allows one month of lessons at once a week. Each lesson is 45 minutes long. Private lessons can have between 1 and up to 6 people participating so find your friends and neighbors if you would like a more group-friendly environment! I recommend at least once a week as your muscle memory will require repetition and the more repetition, the quicker you will retain and the faster you will learn new moves and skills.

Scheduling and Pricing:
Lessons are scheduled for a time which suits both client and teacher and may be taken at the Hillcrest, Mission Valley, or Point Loma locations pending studio availability. Please note, there is an additional studio fee for the Point Loma location. The Point Loma additional studio fee payment is made directly at the first lesson for the package.

I try to maintain flexibility for my students but prefer to a set time each week for them to start. This allows streamlining for everyone's schedules. Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance and rescheduled for within 7 days. Refunds can be requested for un-used lessons within a package.

Corina's School Affiliations

* Friend at Grant K-8 School
* Friend at School Of The Madeleine
* Friend at Explorer Elementary School

Delivery Information

Payment will be processed on the first lesson for the package. I try and schedule your entire package at once by finding a recurring day and time that works best for you!

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