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I am a Skin Care fanatic with friends at Explorer Elementary and Silver Gate Elementary. I think this website is such a great way to support our schools and our community!

School Affiliations

* Friend at Explorer Elementary School
* Friend at Silver Gate Elementary School
* Friend at Loma Portal Elementary School


I found my passion in the Skin Care Industry while receiving my BA in Business Administration from Point Loma Nazarene University. My goal is to instill confidence, beauty, and well being in my clients. I strive to treat my clients to a rejuvenating experience that not only calms the mind, body, and soul but delivers results. I believe treating the cause of skin imperfections instead of just the symptoms is how healthy, radiant skin is accomplished. Through a cocktail of a home skin care regimen, professional services, and nutrition and lifestyle choices I believe we can all have the skin we desire!

Currently in my own space at Solitude Face and Body, I have had the pleasure of practicing skin care locally at San Diego Day Spas including ASerenity Skin | Body, Coldwater Creek, The Spa, Spa Tiki, and Salon Mint. With knowledge and use of organic and non-organic product lines I have treated skin concerns including Pigmentation, Acne, Aging and Rosacea, along with conditions like skin dryness, dehydration and sensitivity.

For more information about me and the services I offer, please visit my website