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About Penny

I am an environmental scientist and a working mother of two. I created Green Kid Crafts because I saw a need for a convenient solution that would allow families to spend quality time together enjoying fun activities that brought them closer to nature and to each other. I live in Poway and have friends at Explorer, Silver Gate and LJUMC Nursery School.


I am an environmental scientist and mother of two. I saw a need for environmentally conscious crafts to help bring together my family and also bring them closer to nature. I started putting together kids craft kits for myself and my friends, and soon enough word spread and I found myself immersed in the concept full time and Green Kid Crafts was born. I live in San Diego with my husband Jeff, and my children Rowen (4.5 years, a.k.a. Ro Ro) and Declan (18 months, a.k.a. Dex). I was winner of the 2012 Startup Nation Leading Moms in Business Competition and a recipient of the Female Founder Fellowship at the Founder’s Institute.

I am passionate about our work at Green Kid Crafts. Our goal is to encourage creativity in children and cultivate a love and respect for the world around them. We have a team or creative parents who dream up our projects, valued experts who review them, and a community of kid testers who keeps us on our toes and ensure our activities are fun, eco-friendly, and engaging.

Green Kid Crafts is a green company that provides creative activities to do with kids through our eco-friendly Subscription Service, Art Boxes, Birthday Activities, and Creativity Kits. With Green Kid Crafts, both parents and kids can enjoy sustainable arts, crafts, and science activities that spark creativity, build confidence, and cultivate respect and love for the environment.

Raising money for your school or organization is simple with Green Kid Crafts. A successful fundraising program starts with a product both kids and parents love! We offer fun, creative, and award-winning educational products that range from single-purchase Discovery Boxes to Science Kits to Discovery Box Subscriptions.

When you buy Green Kid Crafts through Skooltopia you are helping us to fulfill our mission of supporting our children's education and those who work to help them achieve their goals.