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Joan Lambo

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About Joan

I have two grandchildren who attend Silver Gate. I want to offer some real cool fun-in-the-sun picnic baskets and other outdoor items. I also have an idea for homemade heirloom family tree quilts with personal family pictures on them.

School Affiliations

* Family at Silver Gate Elementary School


Hi there, my name is Joan Lambo, or to my grandchildren, "Grandma Joanie". I have three beautiful grandchildren, two of whom go to Silver Gate Elementary. I have always wanted my own business and Skooltopia gives me the chance to start the business I've always wanted and help my grandchildren's school at the same time. I have a wonderful line of picnic baskets and outdoor "fun-in-the-sun" products to offer that are great for family outings. I have some great ideas for future products like a "family tree quilt" made to order with your own personal family pictures incorporated into a beautiful heirloom quilt. Until that product is ready to go, here are some beautiful outdoor picnic items that I think you will like. This is only the beginning. Thanks in advance for your interest.