LJES - ONLINE Sing and Speak Spanish - Year 3 Monday 2020/2021


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FLEXIBLE CANCELLATION POLICY AS WE UNDERSTAND SCHOOLS REOPENING MAY CHANGE FUTURE PLANS. IF YOU DON'T SEE A CLASS THAT FITS YOUR SCHEDULE, email support@singandspeakspanish.com, as we are combining online classes from multiple schools.

Watch your children make a huge leap with our beginning grammar Year 3 course! Verbs become the backbone of this fun course as children learn personal pronouns, conjugation of many irregular commonly used verbs such as to be, to have, to go, to be able to, to want, to like, and to know. Your child will learn many verb infinitives to go with these helper verbs. We continue to introduce new vocabulary while reinforcing earlier vocabulary. We make it fun to learn with thematic catchy songs, games and activities with colorful visual aids, role-play, and reading.

Music, a songbook, and workbook keep Spanish learning fun throughout the week and reinforce vocabulary at home. Classes meet throughout the school year with a maximum of just 13 children per class.

To learn more about the curriculum we use, go to: www.singnspeak.com/spanish-curriculum

To see our classes in action, visit singandspeakspanish.com.

Manager: Erin Chan, 619-215-9109 ext.1 e-mail: erin@singandspeakspanish.com

Prerequisite: Year 2

Teacher Ana Gomez

ASE Session

Fall 2020

Donation Location

La Jolla Elementary School

ASE Site Location


ASE Day/Time

Monday from 3:00 to 3:50

ASE Session Dates

Start Date 28-Sep-2020 End Date 7-June-2021 No Class Dates: Nov 23 Dec 21, 28 Jan 18 Feb 15 Mar 29 May 31 No. of Classes 30

Cancellation Policy

Try it for 1 week. If your child is not enjoying it, then we’ll refund 75% of the prepaid tuition to cover our transaction fees and nonrefundable workbook. We offer the flexibility to pay tuition in installments, but you are still agreeing to purchase the entire class. Choosing to drop the class after 1 week results in the seat no longer being viable for another student. The exception being if school is reversed from online to inschool or inschool to online and your schedule changes. In this case notify us and further installments will be stopped or your full payment will receive a prorated refund.

Erin's School Affiliations

* ASE Provider at Bird Rock Elementary School
* ASE Provider at La Jolla Elementary School
* ASE Provider at Muirlands Middle School

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