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You know writing is a powerful communication tool.
Did you also know it’s therapeutic?

Whether you call it therapeutic writing, writing therapy, expressive writing or journaling, studies show the regular and deliberate practice of writing for 15-20 minutes per day helps you;
-Deafen the endless worry loop you replay in your head.
-Deal with recent or long-held trauma.
-Ease symptoms of some illnesses.
-Boost your immune system.

That’s why in 2008 I created The Disposable Journal. A booklet-sized journal with a weeks worth of daily prompts, designed for you to take on your biggest challenges.

I’ve been using this system on and off as life’s dramas have unfolded, and, to be honest; it seldom takes a full week to get me back on track.

About the Disposable Journal;
-Portable. You can complete a writing session anywhere at any time.
-Insightful. Helps you make sense of your troubles and regain control.
-Personal. It is for your eyes only.
-Disposable. When you’re done, you can shred it, burn it, bury it … the choice is yours.

Karl's School Affiliations

* Parent at San Diego Cooperative Charter School

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The Disposable Journal 4-Pack CAN be shipped to you for an additional $2.00 Allow 5-7 days. 4-Packs can also be picked up in my Mission Valley office. Your preference.

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