Kristina Beitey (Wycinsky)

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About Kristina

Hello, I'm the owner and director of The Whole Child Learning Co. We are passionate about providing quality enrichment programs to school age children. Don't miss out and feel free to contact me with any questions.

School Affiliations

* ASE Provider at LJUMC Nursery School
* ASE Provider at Bird Rock Elementary School
* ASE Provider at La Jolla Elementary School


I am privileged to be the director/owner of The Whole Child Learning Company. I wear several different hats throughout my day and I love it! It’s never boring. I started working for WCLC in Feburary 2009 and was happily granted the opportunity to invest in San Diego territory WCLC in August 2010. I couldn’t ask for a better job suitable to me with the wonderful opportunities that are continually presented. I love being able to work with fellow teachers and also give teachers and students a way to be enriched together, even among difficult budget cuts in education. Please feel free to look at our website for more information: