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Lily Lunch Box is a local San Diego kids meal delivery service that focuses on food groups evidently been shown to prevent chronic illnesses...THE POWER PLATE of fruit, veggies, beans, and whole grains! We use organic ingredients free of yucky pesticides and chemicals that children’s bodies are sensitive to. Meals are designed to throw inside a child’s lunch box or quickly heat up. Lily Lunch Box is committed to providing children with high quality meals filled with the colors of the rainbow! We also have adult options as well!

Sarah's School Affiliations

* Friend at Torrey Pines Elementary School
* Friend at Bird Rock Elementary School
* at La Jolla Elementary School

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http://lilylunchbox.com $25 discount code will be emailed to you after purchase and can be redeemed at checkout. Deliveries throughout San Diego county only. Delivers within 2-3 days. Free delivery for orders over $49 No minimum purchase required.

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