flannel wipes--many uses! package of 8 wipes

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Toilet paper is so 20th century...why not save the tp for the heavier jobs and just use a cloth wipe? These are made of three layers of prewashed 100% cotton flannel, the two outer are new, the inner is repurposed. These are super absorbent and soft. They measure 5 inches by 7" and have been serged all around to prevent fraying. We started using ours about 4 years ago and they're still going strong.

These can be used in so many ways, including but not limited to:
*baby wipes (they're sized so that they fit in a wipes warmer)
*toilet wipes (in place of tp)
*keep a few in your glove compartment, you never know what will need to be cleaned up!

When our daughter switched to panties instead of diapers, we were left with all these cloth wipes...what to do with them? Lightbulb moment=cloth wipes for the bathroom! We save so much toilet paper. We keep a basket for dirties on the floor next to the toilet and empty it into the washing machine periodically. Since we only use them for the "lighter" bathroom jobs, we have never had any kind of odor issue.

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