Women's Only Martial Arts/Self-Defense Classes

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Get In better shape without boring gym workouts; have challenging but fun workouts; learn to defend yourself and your loved ones; and become totally empowered by training in martial arts and even earning your Black Belt!!
Where: Setting Sun Martial Arts - 4993 Niagara Ave. #109 (Across the street from Poma's Deli at the corner of Niagara Ave. and Bacon Street in Ocean Beach).

When: Tuesdays and Thursdays 8:15-9:15 am.

What: Self-Defense:
Karate-striking, kicking, and blocking;
Judo-rolling and falling safely and many throws to take some one down; and,
Jujitsu-how to handle some one if you're on the ground with hold-downs, pins, joint-locks, .....chokes and escapes from the ground.
Learn 3 martial arts for the price of 1 (all other schools only teach 1 martial art)!

Cost: Only $109 per month (far less than all other schools).
No long contacts or enrollment fees that all other schools require!!

What to wear: Exercise clothes until I get your uniform size and order it.

* Photo above me promoting Sensei Gina Virissimo to her 3rd Degree Black Belt. She started training when she was 40 years old and has now been training, as well as teaching for 14 years.

Please feel free to contact me at m.colangelo@cox.net, call (619) 223-8827, or visit me at Setting Sun Martial Arts.


* NOTE: Must have a group of 6 women for the class. So get your friends and workout partners together to get great workouts, learn self-defense, be empowered and have some fun!!!

Mark's School Affiliations

* Parent at Silver Gate Elementary School
* Friend at Sunset View Elementary School
* Friend at Explorer Elementary School

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My 6 year old son has been studying martial arts with Mark for a few years now and absolutely loves it. Setting Sun is such a warm environment - it feels like family. Mark is wonderful with the kids They have so much fun while learning all of the important life skills associated with the martial arts. I highly recommend any classes Mark has to offer!

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