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Kristen Keltner with To the Point Hospitality Company is teaming up with Chef Billy (Butter) Joyce with Surfside Cuisine to present Mr. Butter's Children's Cooking and Table Etiquette Classes. Kristen Keltner and Billy Joyce are both native to Ocean Beach/Point Loma and therefore not only share a passion for all things food, but a passion for our community and our children. Our Schools Kristen Keltner has a child at Sunset View. Billy Joyce's children attend Silvergate.


Kristen Keltner with To the Point Hospitality Company and Billy Joyce with Surfside Cuisine are teaming up to instill a passion for food in your children. In addition to learning the basics of cooking, we'll share with your children elementary table etiquette. Good manners are always in style!

Billy was was born and raised in the Point Loma area of San Diego. In that beautiful beach community he developed his two greatest interests, surfing and cooking. As a kid he watched his grandfather cook constantly. He was a retired chef who inspired his interest in cooking and instilled in him the importance of fresh ingredients and being thorough in his preparation. Billy is a California Culinary Academy graduate with over 25 years experience in the food industry. Billy loves surfing, skateboarding, fishing, traveling, mentoring young kids, and giving back to the community.

Kristen and To the Point have a passion for all things cuisine and style. To the Point Hospitality Company consists of Catering & Event Design and our Brunch Bistro. Both specializing in California inspired Cuisine & Style. We find inspiration from our beautiful coastal surrounding and love supporting local companies and people who share our passion for food and community.