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We were so excited when Portia joined the Bird Rock ASE lineup! My girls have taken this painting class all year. They love it! Portia is great and teaches them so much!

Porschia Talbot

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About Porschia

Porschia has been working with and teaching art to children for the past 20 years. With a background in child psychology, architecture and fine art, she strives to provide her students with the necessary tools, guidance and encouragement to build the confidence that is required to continue applying creativity and ingenuity to all areas of their life, well beyond their lessons. Porschia opened My Art Shed in 2009 and has since enriched the lives of thousands of San Diego children through her dynamic and specialized classes, camps, workshops and birthday parties. Porschia works her way around the classroom, focusing in on every student, so to allow for personalized attention based upon each child's individual level and needs. Her enthusiasm for creative education is not to be matched and she is dedicated to giving her students the the most exciting, fun and enriching experience ever!

School Affiliations

* ASE Provider at La Jolla Elementary School
* ASE Provider at Bird Rock Elementary School


I started teaching art when I was 19 years old at the Monarch School, a homeless/at risk school in San Diego. Since then I taught at numerous schools in San Diego, Portland, San Fransisco before opening my own art school, My Art Shed in 2009. I believe in the power of creative exploration and it's ability to enhance a child's motor skills, confidence, observation and critical thinking. I feel that now, more than ever, children need to be able to learn how to express themselves and my passion is teaching them how to do so through art. These formative childhood years are so fleeting, yet they are the most important years of a child's life. It is my desire to give my students the tools and confidence to go on to build a better world.