4-pack of One-Hour Singing Lessons

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Four 60-minute singing lessons with Virginia Norwood
Locations available are: Solana Beach (92075) and San Diego (92105).
Please call or email for availability prior to purchasing. Days & times vary by location.
Visit www.NorwoodMusicStudios.com/NMS/Virginia_Norwood.html for resume, studio policy and more.

Virginia's School Affiliations

* Parent at San Diego Cooperative Charter School

Delivery Information

*PRIOR TO PURCHASING* Please register as a new student at www.NorwoodMusicStudios.com/NMS/Virginia_Norwood.html Register as a "Parent" (if the lessons are for your child), or as an Adult if you are over 18 and paying for your own lessons. Once your account is activated and payment is received, your account will be credited for the lessons purchased.

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Virginia Norwood

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