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Peter Palmiotto

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Local to Pt. Loma with three beautiful daughters and an amazing wife!

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* Parent at Silver Gate Elementary School
* Alumni at Sunset View Elementary School
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Looking for a renewable way to have instant heat anywhere, we developed Snappy Heat. Our reusable heating pad can be activated anywhere and generate up to 130 degrees in less than three seconds. The heat lasts up to 30 minutes and can be formed to fit any part of the body. The contents are non-toxic and are made with food-grade ingredients.

Snappy Heat solves the problem of needing instant heat for sore muscles, cramps, back pain, and is the perfect solution to disposable heat packs.

Simply snap the internal disc to activate the heat-fusion process, knead to soften and place on the desired body part. Once cooled, you simply boil the heating pad for 10 minutes to liquefy the hardened crystals, let cool and you're ready to store the product for its next use.