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Snappy Heat instant heating pads are reusable, portable and can be activated anywhere, instantly, without any electricity. Use the same heating pack 100's of times, saving you time, money and the environment.

Simply "snap" the internal metal disc and watch as the fusion process generates up to 130 degrees in less than 3 seconds. Knead to soften and apply to enjoy the therapeutic effects of heat!

Our instant heat pack is perfect for heat therapy including:
- Cramps
- Sports injuries
- Cold / Winter Sports
- Sore muscles
- Joint pain
- Muscle strains
- Seat warmers for those cold outings

Size - 17" x 7"
Instructions are printed on the heating pad.

Heat therapy has been used for 1,000's of years, and Snappy Heat allows you to take your heat with you, without the need for electricity to generate the heat.

After your Snappy Heat has cooled, the crystals generated by the heating process will cool and harden. Simply drop in boiling water to return the crystals to a liquid state, let cool and you're ready to use the product again.

Snappy Heat - Instant Heat In A Snap!

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I can drop off or meet anywhere in Pt. Loma / OB / surrounding areas! I can also ship direct if you desire (if shipping as a gift out of state).

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