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Small bumper scrapes are ugly, a nuisance, and, unfortunately common. But you don't have to look at that ugly damage any longer! Our bumper scrape repair takes a only a couple of hours and costs much less than a traditional body shop, which would have your car for 3 days and charge 2-3 times more. The repair comes with a lifetime warranty on the paint. Service includes free pick-up and delivery from most areas. We also replace bumpers and fenders and can provide repairs on other panels. After making your purchase, please call 619 701-1100 to schedule an appointment. Please note that this price is for simple bumper scrapes at or near the corner of the bumper; additional charges may apply if the bumper is pushed-in or the damage is extensive.

Prentice's School Affiliations

* Parent at Silver Gate Elementary School
* Parent at Point Loma High School
* Parent at Correia Middle School

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Once you have purchased the item, please call 619 701-1100 to schedule an appointment. Thank You!

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