Bonfire 101: Music Essentials

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Have your child join our most recent group class, where they can learn the art of a new instrument alongside friends! Learning multiple instruments in a classroom setting will not only introduce your student to the basics, but will also help develop teamwork while playing together, and will expose them to the possibility of a new musical passion. Who knows? Your live ukulele music could make your beach bonfire the new talk of the town!

Class includes ukulele, drums, and voice. Mondays 3:45-4:30 for 6 weeks, beginning January 30th.

ASE Session

Fall 2016

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* Friend at Explorer Elementary School
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My 5 year old daughter participated in The Taste of NTC Creative Arts Spring Break camp and had a wonderful time. She was up, excited, and ready to go back to camp each morning. I love that she was able to try out such a variety of classes and meet a nice group of friends of all ages. I look forward to putting her in this camp again this summer.

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