Small Refillable Gel Candle (Square)

About this Item

* Hand-poured, all Hand-made.
* Made with Organic Materials
* Proudly Made in the USA!
* Refillable, Forever-Lasting Gel Candle, see below.
* These Gel Candles will last Forever. Simply replace with a votive or tea light of your favorite scent once the middle gel wax burns down!!
* For more information or Custom Gel Candles, please visit our website at: or you can purchase in person now at Pangea Outpost in Pacific Beach on Garnet at the water side.

Kourtney's School Affiliations

* Parent at Dana Middle School

Delivery Information

If you are local in Point Loma, I can deliver orders. Orders outside of Point Loma, please call, and we can figure it out, probably shipping will apply, unless you are not too far outside PL.

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