Skooltopia creates a Win-Win-Win
For Schools, Local Businesses and Families

How do schools benefit?

  • Receive a percentage of each transaction (at least 10%)
  • Connection to local businesses that want to give back
  • School product ecommerce (logowear, gala tickets, etc)
  • Online donation processing
  • After School Enrichment Programs
    • Child and contact information
    • Class popularity
    • Minimum/Maximum class sizes
    • Reviews/Ratings
    • Minimizes school administration

How do local businesses benefit?

  • Ability to market to their school community
  • Ecommerce solution (ie Payment processing and automatic donation processing)
  • Legally advertise that they give back to schools
  • Simple school contribution processing and reporting
  • After School Enrichment Programs
    • Online registration
    • Reviews/Ratings
    • Remarketing if class doesn’t meet minimum signups
    • Reporting and access to historical data

How do families benefit?

  • Opportunity to support local businesses and their school
  • Ease of use, ability to place one order for multiple children and classes
  • Quickly find what they need from businesses supporting their school