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This summer, students will learn how to use the force of coding to create their own epic space-themed video games. Drawing our inspiration from the Star Wars universe, students will explore their favorite characters, powers, and dramatic moments, and from there, begin to incorporate their own characters and game dynamics into a battle arena video game of their own creation! In addition to learning how to code, students will also be guided in the ways of digital citizenship and how to appropriately and safely share their fan-fictional work with the world.

In each of our 3rd-6th camps, students will learn a typed programming language called Racket, which is a language used to build other programming languages. Although Racket is normally taught in college undergraduate courses, ThoughtSTEM has been funded by the National Science Foundation to build new Racket video game programming languages with educational scaffolding appropriate for a 3rd-6th grade level.

Students are going to love creating their own Star Wars-themed games!

This Camp is offered:
July 1 - July 5 1pm-4pm (NO CAMP July 4th!
July 8 - July 12 1pm-4pm
July 22 - July 26 9am-1pm (includes lunch)
July 29 - Aug 2 1pm-4pm
Aug 5 - Aug 9 1pm-4pm


Bring-A-Friend Amazon Gift Card Promo
Summer camp is always more fun when you bring a friend! If you do invite a friend to register for our summer camps, send us an email at If your friend registers and attends camp, we'll put you on the list to receive a $30 Amazon gift card at the end of August as a thank you!

Dining at UC San Diego
Dining at UCSD’s Pines Dining Hall is a highlight of the UCSD summer camp experience. Dining is all-you-can-eat with a variety of foods to choose from! Menus include halal and kosher friendly items, as well as gluten-friendly, vegan, and vegetarian choices. This is one of the features of our summer camps at UC San Diego that students LOVE!

Experience College Life
Founded by UCSD alumni, ThoughtSTEM maintains a strong partnership with UC San Diego. We’re excited to share the beauty of UC San Diego’s campus with students ages 5-18. Students at our camps will get a feel for what life is like as a college student at one of the nation’s top 10 public schools.

The Best Computer Science Education in San Diego
ThoughtSTEM prides itself in having the best computer science instructors in San Diego. Unlike other summer tech camps, ThoughtSTEM’s instructors teach computer science year-round in San Diego. Our instructors also don’t just teach kids: many of them also develop real educational software used by students world-wide, like LearnToMod and CodeSpells, and train other educators in computer science as well!

Frequently Asked Questions
Is there a deadline to register? Because the morning camps at this location include an all-you-can-eat-buffet at the dining hall, the deadline for the morning camp on any given week is noon on the Wednesday before camp starts. However, you can register for the afternoon camp at this location as late as 6pm on the Sunday before camp starts.

Where do I drop-off & pick-up my student(s)? We will provide directions as soon as a pick-up and drop-off location for this camp is finalized.

Do you have extended daycare options? Yes! For a small flat fee, you can drop-off your child as early as 7:30am or pick-up your student as late as 6pm. To learn more about extended daycare, download the registration form for extended daycare here ( We recommend turning in the registration form for extended daycare as soon as you register for summer camps!

Can I park on campus? Parking on campus Monday-Friday requires a fee. However, our drop-off and pick-up location does not require you to park your car. We'll meet you on the curbside so you can easily drop-off or pick-up your student. If your student is over 17 and is driving themselves to camp, your student can purchase a $41 10 day S-Student permit at the UCSD Parking Office on the morning of camp. You can view an interactive campus parking map here ( and learn more about campus parking here (

Do I need to sign any additional paperwork to participate in camps? You only need to fill out additional paperwork if your student has any food allergies. If your student has food allergies, please fill out the form here ( and send it to us at

Should I consider the grade my student is going into next year or the last grade they completed when registering for summer camp? We generally recommend parents consider the grade their student is going into next year when registering for a summer camp. However, we ultimately leave the choice up to the students and the parents. Feel free to contact us by phone, (858)869-9430, if you'd like to discuss those options.

Are there any additional requirements for students going into Kindergarten next year? We generally recommend parents not enroll a student in our summer camp if this will be the first classroom experience they've ever had. Students who have previously been enrolled in a TK program, however, tend to have a lot of fun at coding camp! We also recommend parents spend a little time with their students before camp going over the basics of using a mouse, but this is by no means a requirement!

What if I need to pick-up my student early one day of camp? Send us an email, and we can facilitate an early pick-up with the instructor. Don’t forget to include your student’s name and the date and time you need to pick him/her up early.

What if I'm late to pick up my student? If you're running late, please give us a call at 858-869-9430 so we can tell our staff that you are on your way. Note: parents who are late to pick up their student will be charged a fee to cover overtime pay for instructors waiting with their students. This fee is $15 per 15 minutes.

I have multiple children who I want to register for camp. Can I get a discount? Yes! This is why we offer a bulk discount! You can purchase camps for multiple children with one shopping cart, and get a larger bulk discount the more camps you purchase.

Do you have scholarships available? At this time we do not, but we are always looking for corporate sponsors for scholarships! If you know of someone interested in making a summer camp scholarship donation, please contact us at

My student has food allergies. What kind of dining options are available at UCSD? If your student has a food allergy or other medically necessitated diet, please fill out the form here and send it to Filling out this form will allow UCSD's Dining Facilities to serve appropriate meals for your child's needs. Note: If you turn in this form less than 30 days in advance of your registered camp's start date, your student may not be able to participate in lunch.

What is your refund policy? Learn about our refund policy here (

By enrolling in our summer camps at UC San Diego, you agree to the terms and conditions (

Call us at 858-869-9430 if you have any questions.




9:00am-1:00pm OR 1pm-4pm

Donation Location

La Jolla Elementary School




July 1-5, 2019
July 8-12, 2019
July 22-26, 2019
July 29 - Aug 2, 2019
Aug 5-9, 2019

Cancellation Policy

Learn about our cancellation policy here:

ThoughtSTEM's School Affiliations

* ASE Provider at La Jolla Elementary School
* ASE Provider at Bird Rock Elementary School

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