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Tori Curtis

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About Tori

I am a busy Mom of 3 children... one at Correia, one at Dana and one at Sunset View! I love this great community and hope to provide lots of great products for others to enjoy as much as I do!

School Affiliations

* Parent at Sunset View Elementary School
* Parent at Dana Middle School


My name is Tori Curtis, I am a busy wife and mom to three children, J.J, Emma, and Mikey. Because my kids are my biggest source of inspiration, my business name JEM is made up of their initials.

My storefront is a representation of my love of fun and unique items that I want to share with others. I buy what I love and I love what I sell! Everything that you find in my storefront are items that I have chosen because I personally LOVE them and want to share my favorite things with others. I hope you will love them as well.