Pizza Plus Birthday Party

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◦ 45 minutes of instructional class and 2-3 activities from a-e
◦ a) Ninja Obstacle course
◦ b) Ninja suction throwing stars on targets
◦ c) Flying side kicks on target bags
◦ d) Bag Walk
◦ e) Star Wars Light saber duel
◦ Cake cutting ceremony using a Samurai Sword (with the instructors help of course)
◦ Optional - hitting Piñata with Wooden Swords (parents provide piñata)
◦ Balloons
◦ Parents provide cake, food, drinks and paper products
◦ Space rental for 2 hours
◦ Limit: 24 kids

* 2 slices of pizza per child
* personalized water bottles
* paper goods
note: You are welcome to bring other food items if you are having adults stay.

* personalized goodie bags with Asian and Martial Arts inspired toys
* Gift certificate for 2 weeks of classes for each child is included!

Choose your theme: Karate, Ying Yang, Kung Fu Panda, or Star Wars

Sensei's School Affiliations

* Friend at Bird Rock Elementary School
* Friend at Barnard Elementary School
* Friend at Pacific Beach Elementary School

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