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This is a 15 minute session to get you 5 wonderful natural real close ups of your child.

This is not 'smile and say cheese' type stuff!

My style is fresh and fun, it's done outdoors in natural light. The children actually enjoy it, and the results speak for themselves.

This is about capturing a real expression on camera, as if the camera wasn't even there. This is something that as a mother, I know, is incredibly hard to get of one's own children.

As a mum of 4 boys, I have some tricks up my sleeve to capture that face that is so hard to get on camera, one you will treasure for a lifetime, and always takes you back to that time.

You will receive 5 fully edited high resolution digital files for you to print as you wish.

Victoria's School Affiliations

* Parent at LJUMC Nursery School
* Parent at La Jolla Elementary School
* Friend at Bird Rock Elementary School

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Reviewed on Family photo shoot by Patti McCreary on 12/03/2013
I absolutely adore the pictures Vix just took of our family. She is so amazing with the kids, pulling out cute glances and loving smiles. Don't even consider trying another photographer, she is the best!
Reviewed on Family photo shoot by Courtney Gant on 10/28/2013
We just did our family photo shoot with Vix and it was so much fun! Vix is a true professional when it comes to her photos. She knows how to get you to relax and play and laugh and turns the session into a fun family outing. We can't wait to get our photos back. This should definitely be an annual event!

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