Co-founders Courtney Gant and Patti McCreary are two moms with a mission.

Our mission is to create a marketplace that brings parents and small business owners together to raise money for our schools.

What is Skooltopia?

Skooltopia is the place to buy what you need from local business owners in your community and raise money for your school.. Whether you are looking for summer camps, creative services, catering or gifts for loved ones, through Skooltopia you can acquire them from people you know and trust and support your children’s school at the same time. No matter who you buy from, when you buy on Skooltopia the vendor will automatically contribute at least 10% back to your school. Skooltopia is where you can grow your business and give back to your school at the same time. Whether you’re starting a new business or already established, what better path to success than selling to your own community? Sell to the people who already know and trust you. Sell to the people who know you make the best pie in town or who walk past your art studio every day. Sell to the people who want to choose you over the other guy, because supporting you gives a boost to their children’s school. Skooltopia partners family businesses with their ultimate purpose - their children. Our schools are our communities and many of our friends there are like family. Skooltopia is your trusted marketplace made up of members of a school community where there is already a strong sense of trust, common goals, and shared values. This is your marketplace, everybody has something to give.

How We Started

We noticed that when we walk the halls of our children’s schools, we see parents all around us. We might not know what they all do for a living or for fun, but we do know that they love their kids and want the best for them. We know they work hard to provide the best for their children, both at home and at school. We know they contribute to their school in one way or another whether they write a check each year, buy goods at a bake sale or volunteer in the classroom. We know they worry, as we do, about school budget cuts and their children's education, their future. We know they would give more to the schools if they had more to give. Knowing all of this we asked, “What if we could raise funds for our schools simply by getting what we need from parents and small business owners in our community?” Skooltopia is our answer to this question. At Skooltopia we are working to create a win-win-win for our schools, local businesses and the parents who need what they have to offer. We work on the simple premise that if we support each other we can all win.

Join us and:

* Find what you need from a local business in your community. * Promote an existing business to your school community. * Earn money for your family. * Support your children’s school. * Support your friends and local businesses.

Welcome to Skooltopia. We're so glad you're here!